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Montifaud Cognac

Th ultimate Cognac sampler pack with two Pineau des Charentes from Chateau Montifaud
22-Sep-2017 0 Comments
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Gin Selection

A peak at our current Gin selection from around the world.
Some of them are even open to sample.
24-Aug-2017 0 Comments
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Comte de Dampierre Champagne

Comte de Dampierre is from the famous villages of the Cote des Blanc. They have reverted to the traditional Closure method to hand tying the cork with a lightly waxed hemp twine.
06-Dec-2016 0 Comments
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Noteworthy Gin

This award winning handcrafted gin comes to us from a small distillery from British Columbia called Dubh Glas Distillery
06-Dec-2016 0 Comments
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Winelife is the most convenient and cost-effective wine preservation system
anywhere and will preserve open bottles of wine for up to 10 days.
Winelife preserves the taste and bouquet of open
bottles of wine using a proprietary blend of food grade nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
Just a two second application of Winelife will ensure that your last serving
will bring as much satisfaction as the first. Each container can be used approximately 120 times!
11-Nov-2016 0 Comments
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Blindman Brewering IPA and Session Ale

Our latest discovery, Blindman Brewing from Lacombe Alberta. They are creating innovative quality craft beer using the best local ingredients. Their IPA and Session are an absolute must try for the summer.
11-Aug-2016 0 Comments
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