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From the start, Canmore Wine Merchants had some strong philosophies. Firstly the Wine, Beer and Spirits had to be different – uncommon. There are literally millions of tasty treats being produced by dedicated people all over the world and yet most retail outlets carry a handful of the same old products.

Secondly we recognized that everyone had a budget. We wanted to offer wines that people could drink every day not just on special occasions. It was important to offer great value as well as great wine.

Finally we committed to having staff that were knowledgeable about their products. We pre-taste every wine before we bring it into the shop. In that way we are able to help with selections or just chat about new products. Every weekend wine will be open for sampling and Wine Courses will be a regular feature. All this adds to general Wine Education and enjoyment.

At Canmore Wine Merchants we trust this website will help in your selection of our products and we hope to see you at our next Wine Tasting.

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